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Nerves of steel: Why Shreyas Iyer can become India’s next Mr.Reliable

Nerves of steel: Why Shreyas Iyer can become India’s next Mr.Reliable

Indian cricket is at an invigorating phase at the moment. Possessing a blend of experience and youth, the current pool of players have to be at the top of their game with a fresh batch of youth knocking on the door. One of those players who has knocked his way and entered through is Shreyas Iyer. The flamboyant right-hander is setting himself a camp right in the midst of India’s unfortified middle order. The Sky is the limit for Iyer who has had quite a welcoming start to his career in colours. Let us have a look at why Shreyas Iyer could go on to be India’s next Mr. Reliable.

Nerves of steel: Why Shreyas Iyer can become India’s next Mr.Reliable

1. Calm. Collected. Composed

There is no denying that Iyer possesses a certain aura of calmness around him. The 25-year-old can be described as the epitome of composure in the field.  Calmness is one of the most important traits when it comes to reliability, as proven by Rahul David and MS Dhoni, two of the most reliable players of this generation.

Iyer can definitely follow in their footsteps by keeping up and inculcating the same. Composure helps an individual to assess various kinds of situations, and on a cricket field, composure needs to be blended with an adrenaline rush to get what’s best for the team. Iyer had proven time and time again that he is unfazed by pressure and can be reliable in any kind of situation.

2. Leadership instincts

In a pack of players, it is often the most sound one which is often elected to lead the squad. While there are several more skills that account for leadership, Iyer’s rise to prominence as a leader has stemmed from the fact that he is reliable enough to lead a team into the field to get the job done.

The statement is validated by facts after Iyer became the youngest IPL captain in its history. The player was elected to lead the team over Gautam Gambhir who elected to pave the way. Iyer rescued the time out of a tumultuous situation and even led Delhi Capitals to the playoffs after a seven-year interval in his first full season as a captain.

3. Concrete technique

While the mentality aspects form a strong accord with reliability, it is of no value unless it is implemented in the game along with the primary skills. Possessing a solid stance and a relatively high backlift, Iyer has all the shots in the book. Iyer is one of those players who can pump runs for the team or dig through the day to save a game.

By doing so, he brings a whole lot into the table which makes him an asset too valuable to be dropped. Yet another blip is Iyer’s ability to play across all the three formats. The flamboyance is evident in whichever format he makes his mark in.

4. Axiomatic Versatility 

In today’s competitive circuit, players are required to perfect multiple skill sets to keep their place in the team. The right-hander special trait apart from his strokeplay is his versatility. The Delhi Capitals skipper has a great deal of experience batting in each prominent position. In his short career so far, Iyer has played across 3 positions in ODIs and 5 positions in IPL matches.

Whether it be building a partnership, stepping up the gear in the death or saving a test by batting out sessions on a dustbowl, India’s new Mr. Reliable Shreyas Iyer is the man to call.

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