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Read why Cristiano Ronaldo was ‘forced’ to buy every one of his Juventus teammates an iMac!

Read why Cristiano Ronaldo was ‘forced’ to buy every one of his Juventus teammates an iMac!

20th September 2018 was a sad day fro Cristiano Ronaldo. The former Real Madrid hit man had just joined Juventus, and on their first UEFA Champions League group stage face off against Valencia, the Portuguese striker faced a red card, on just 29 minutes into the game. Reduced to tears, the superstar left the pitch, while the Old Lady went onto win the match at the Mestalla Stadium. However, what happened next was crazy, as the sorrowful day for Ronaldo became a joyous day for the rest of the squad. Why? Because Ronaldo had to buy all of his teammates an iMac each!

Read why Cristiano Ronaldo was ‘forced’ to buy every one of his Juventus teammates an iMac!
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There was a thumping rule behind Ronaldo’s gesutre. Former Bianconeri manager Massimiliano Allegri, the in-charge of the club at that time, made a bizarre and hilarious rule, that if any player is sent off during a match, he would have to present all of his squad mates iMacs, as a ‘punishment’.

The incident was revealed by none other than the club’s iconic goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. In his self-run podcast ‘Prosto w Szczenę’, the Polish international revealed the bizarre punishment Allegri had put Ronaldo through for that one red.

“Yes, we all have an iMac. It took a very long time because he (Ronaldo) couldn’t process that red card and insisted high and low that he was not doing anything wrong.” Szczesny said in the podcast.

The 29 year old continued: “It took him a while, about two months of arguing, but we all have received an iMac.”

However, Szczesny also revealed that he himself once became the stooge of a similar punishment from the Italian gaffer. Similar to the red card, Allegri made another rule where any player coming late to training would have to buy all of his teammates headphones, and Szczesny himself had to do the same once.

“I thought it was Tuesday, but it turned out to be Wednesday that day. Allegri called me and said everyone was already there. When I arrived half an hour late on the training field, everyone said: “oh, we’re getting presents!” I ended up buying headphones for the boys,” the Old Lady keeper added.

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